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Mental Health Awareness Week


A new week with some new classes in the top 3. Great work everyone especially 9Y-MA4 that has almost doubled the amount of tasks completed compared to last week


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Summer term week 5     challenge. This weeks challenge is focused around the app TikTok. We challenge you to be creative and create your own exercise TikTok or replicate Miss Ellis. Send your videos to your PE teacher via email. Good Luck.


Celebration students’ maths work. A well deserved congratulations to last weeks' top 3 classes for all your effort!


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Can’t wait to Mr Starkey’s challenge!


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🚨 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 The PE Instagram is officially back after many years of being absent, go and check us out! 📸 ChobhamacadPE ⚽️🏀🎾🏓⚾️🤸‍♂️🤾🧘‍♀️🧗


During the coronavirus lockdown, all staff at Chobham Academy remain committed to providing up-to-date and relevant career advice for our students. This is our most recent careers bulletin which offers guidance and advice about student's career choices and pathways.


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Summer term week 3    challenge. This weeks challenge requires upper body strength & balance. You will be challenged to put a t-shirt over your head whilst in a handstand position being supported by a wall as demonstrated by Miss Ellis.🤸👕 Good luck!


Today is the most important holiday for Buddhists 🙂 Happy Vesak Day - The Buddha's birthday!


St Joseph's Hospice in Hackney has played an essential role in palliative care, for our community for over 100 years. All funds have been lost - if you are able to support them the link for donations is


Well done to Renee in Year 9 for demonstrating some outstanding photography skills to complete one of the Geography department's challenges!!


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UPDATE 28 APRIL | Today is International Workers’ Memorial Day and at 11am we held a minute’s silence to remember all our health, care & front line workers, who have sadly lost their lives to coronavirus. Now, more than ever, we owe it to them


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DID YOU KNOW we have lots of FREE booky activities to keep the kids busy during lockdown. 🎨 DOWNLOAD activity sheets to get creative! 🎥 WATCH 12 Author & Illustrator Masterclasses 🎮GAMES to play online


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Come and watch LIVE Bake Along at home on our account at 2pm with Coordinator Lucy ..... don’t miss out!


Frankenstein is being streamed on the National Theatre Live YouTube page on Thursday at 7pm and is highly recommended by our Performing Arts team! Please click the link below:


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Without our incredible volunteers, we wouldn't be able to answer the young people who contact Childline. & without people contacting our helpline, we wouldn't be able to protect the children we do. Together we can help children & young people who need us now more than ever.


Please see attached the current schedule of online learning from E20 Foundation


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We're urging the country to observe a minute’s silence on Tuesday to remember all the health, care and other key workers who have lost their lives to . Please help us spread the word. 👉


The Chobham CEIAG team have created ‘Top Tips for Working from Home’ – it has been developed in collaboration with peers from a range of industries and job roles. All of them have been working from home for a number of years.


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So proud of the community

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Latest News

    Posted on May 13th 2020

    Independent Learning in Maths

    Celebrating Independent Learners in Maths

    “Being able to think and act independently remains one of the most important skills that a student can learn. We live in a culture that is rooted in individualism − where independence is central to our ethical and social world view. Failure to prepare learners for the demands of a world where teachers will not be available to provide all the answers is to do them a great disservice.”

     Mike Gershon

    The Mathematics department at Chobham has been actively focussed on teaching learners to learn because we believe that it is a tremendously valuable skill. Our aim is to help learners to take more responsibility for their learning which inevitably transforms the teacher’s role into a leader rather than the controller of how they learn. During the current coronavirus lockdown, a unique opportunity has been provided for us, together with the invaluable help of parents and carers, to further encourage and guide our learners into becoming Independent Learners.

    After careful planning and much consideration, we decided to set our learners achievable and differentiated tasks on familiar, award-winning Mathematics platforms such as hegartymaths,  mathskitchen, MyMaths and corbettmaths. The platforms provided learners the opportunity to decide when and what to study within the guidance of our provided timetable; find and collect information from watching video lessons: review their prior learning as well as organise their thoughts through making notes as shown in the images below of notes made by Beatrice – Year 7, Aliza - Year 7 and Haroon - Year 10.

    The learners gained instant feedback after completing each task and as a result of that, some emerging Independent Learners have taken it upon themselves to investigate online, pursue further explanations from their class teacher and redo the tasks several times until they achieve 100%.

    “I refuse to accept anything other than 100% in all my tasks” - Qasim, Year 10.

    We have also noticed an increase in the number of learners proactively asking for and even independently finding extension tasks which have been completed to a very high standard.

    “Hello Miss Hagglund, what other topics should we cover if we need to do more work? I have been using the rota/plan for maths learning that you uploaded here to continue studying maths as normal alongside the hegarty maths, however some of the topics we have not gone through. Should I still learn them and continue, or is it better to revise other topics that have been covered?”  Simona - Year 10

    We celebrate the emerging Independent Learners especially because Creative Education highlights that they gain key skills both during and beyond their education such as the ability to:

    • Gain and deploy information
    • Use different media to communicate effectively
    • Organise themselves
    • Solve problems and
    • Relate to others

    Therefore, the Mathematics department is hopeful that after the temporary coronavirus lockdown storm, the key skills gained during this time will be the rainbow waiting on the other side.