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There’s an exciting opportunity available for any Chobham students who are animal lovers this morning. Click the link below to watch a live tour of Chester Zoo at 10am.


Online plays are being streamed, bread making workshops, live bingo and digital pub clubs. There's all sorts to have a go at!


TimeOut London has temporarily changed its name to TimeIn and is providing some brilliant ways to keep yourself and others occupied through the current global crisis. Please find the link in the text tweet to some things going on today and this week that might be of interest.


Please look out for our wellbeing hints and tips for parents during our period of closure


Great to see students and staff of Chobham Academy working so hard at home. Keep up the effort and stay in touch everyone.


Mr Eyre teaching a geography lesson focusing on key locational knowledge as an introduction to biomes, those students who are at the Academy are using their time effectively!


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

Just a reminder that will be holding physical activity sessions every morning starting from Monday. So get up and get active from the comfort of your own home. 🏃🧘‍♀️🤸


Retweetd From Department for Education

At the end of the day on Friday education providers, including schools, will be closed for most children. We know parents & carers will have questions, so we've pulled together some further information here 👉


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Over the coming weeks, we’re here to help with fun ideas, crafty activities, and free booky resources you can all enjoy together. Head to our Book Hub to inspire children of all ages from mini bookworms to older readers.


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We at want to extend our support & gratitude to all doing everything they can to support the country, including our and Take care x


Retweetd From Queen Anne's School

💗We all arrived at school this morning to find anonymous notes of positivity absolutely everywhere! Thank you for brightening our days during this uncertain time, and showing true Queen Anne's Spirit! 💗


Thank you so much for your kind words, we wish him and all of our other students the very best for the future


Retweetd From Shrehan Lynch

I'm so proud!!!


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

On a positive note. A massive congratulations to PE teacher Mr Weston who has had an article for on the importance of applying different models for teaching PE Well done Mr Weston


Retweetd From Newham London

Another friendly reminder about


Retweetd From World Book Day UK 📚

Looking for free resources you can use at home? Don't miss our reading lists for bookworms of all ages, packed with loads of booky ideas & inspiration. Remember to use the hashtag to discover other fabulous free online resources 🙌 #


Retweetd From Helen Buckingham is staying at home

. is working on ways to support parents looking for ideas and guidance for activities children can enjoy at home, and improve their reading, writing and language development at the same time. Parents, uncles & aunts - help them to help you!!


Retweetd From National Book Tokens

Local bookshops are still working hard to get books to readers. Let's all continue to support them during this challenging time. 💙


Thank you so much for your kind words and support


Retweetd From Kelly Nolan

to all staff, massively impressed the efforts you have gone to care for student welfare and impact on parents, under really difficult times. Thank you.

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Latest News

Posted on March 24th 2020

Geography Department Update

An update from the Geography department- on behalf of Humanities!

The Geography department has organised a range of field trips to support the learning of Year 12 Geography students. On all of these trips, students have worked incredibly well as a team, built some strong friendships and shown some extremely high levels of resilience. These field trips have been organised to support student learning and preparation for the Year 12s Geography coursework that they will be working on from now until Year 13.

These trips started in January when fifteen Year 12 students went to Dorset for 3 days with Miss Chalkley and Mr Bale. We collected a range of data on place representation in Boscombe and a range of physical fieldwork including measuring beach profiles along Chesil Beach- students really did experience fieldwork in extreme settings with it being the first storm of the year, 50mph winds on the coast was very interesting! The students really were an asset to Chobham Academy and completed some excellent work coping extremely well in often difficult conditions- Miss Chalkley's waterproof trousers did provide some hilarity for the group!

We then went on our next field trip in February, this time to Bradwell on Sea to allow us to have real world experience of our Changing Places case study with Mr Eyre and Miss Chalkley. This involved a presentation by the village vicar explaining the history of the village and answering any questions that we had. Next, the students worked in groups to complete a range of human fieldwork activities to support their understanding of fieldwork methods. This was finished off with a village tour in the minibus by Mr Eyre! Again, the weather wasn't on our side and students showed great resilience to complete the range of fieldwork activities planned to support their learning. 

Finally, Mr Bale and Mr Khan took Y12 students on a walking field trip around Hackney Wick- it was nice and sunny this time! This trip was designed to support student understanding of their local area and give a real world experience of their other case study for the Changing Places topic that students are currently working on. The field trip also allowed students to develop their fieldwork techniques to support their NEA preparation over the coming weeks and months