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Year 10 Prefects connecting with their mentors at Macfarlanes Law Firm


A big welcome back to all our students and staff!


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Welldone to for winning this year’s Challenge 🎉 The judges had a tough decision to make, with outstanding submissions from and as well ⭐️


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Activ8 Kids relaunches on the 9th May at


Wishing all of our students and staff an enjoyable Easter holiday!


And to you too!


Please email Mr Wigington at, he is our Head of PE and I am sure he will be able to help. Many thanks


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We've built four new schools to educate local children and support our growing population


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Many thanks to for hosting a very entertaining game of football involving Booby Moore Academy & the year 7 football team. Well done to everybody who played 👏⚽️


Well done to the chobham Lendlease challenge group who won in the final on Wednesday, a fabulous design and presentation by all!


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Not a bad location for our Challenge finale today! Good luck to all of our participants ⭐️


On their final day Year 12 geographers are analysing the data they collected yesterday at the coast.


Thank you for addressing this, hopefully we can resolve it


Year 12 Geographers are looking at erosion on the North Norfolk coast and protection at Overstrand as part of their field course.


Year 12 Geographers have arrived in Cromer as part of the sixth form geography field trip


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Our ‘women in aviation’ programme finale about to take off at amazing yacht hotel! 💫 🚤 can’t wait to watch the girls’ presentations!


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Employees from have volunteered with Code Club at 's neighbours for the past 3 months and yesterday marked the last session of the programme. It's been hugely impressive to see the students taking on these new skills so effortlessly


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The final stop for the year 8 students is a visit to the brand new strength and conditioning suite to participate in some fitness testing.🏋️‍♂️

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“Education remains the key to both economic and political empowerment.”             

Barbara Jordan

At Chobham Academy, A Level Economics students explore micro-economic and macro-economic theory that teaches them about how businesses operate within specific industries and how different events within an economy will impact on different groups such as governments/industries/consumers.

Students who study Economics have six lessons a week where they are taught using a range of activities allowing them to develop a thorough knowledge of the topic whilst developing their analytical and evaluation skills and also preparing them for their AS/A2 examinations.


Ms S Rees - Director of Learning, Business Studies and Economics  

Miss M Ahmed – Teacher of Business/Economics

Key Stage 5

Students study Economics at Key Stage 5 and follow the Edexcel specification  

In Year 12 students study two units, looking at micro-economics and macro-economics. The micro-economics unit looks at Competitive Markets “How they work and how they fail” and this unit provides an introduction to the nature of economics and examines how the price mechanism allocates resources in markets. It analyses the nature of market failure, its causes and possible policy remedies. The macro-economic unit looks at Managing the Economy studying the key measures of economic performance and the main objectives and instruments of economic policy. 

In Year 13 the students expand on their knowledge from Year 12 and study a micro-economic unit called Business Economics and Economic Efficiency  which examines how the pricing and nature ofcompetition between firms is affected by the number and size of market participants. The macro-economic unit looks at the global economy and requires an awareness of trends and developments in the global economy over the last 10 years is required.


ILT Tasks: Economics students are provided with a wide range of ILT tasks such as research tasks looking at the economic environment; reading of economics literature and economics journals; and the opportunity to practice examination questions.

Useful Resources provides a lot of useful links that students can use to help support with their learning

Extra Curricular

Students take part in projects including:

- Trip to Bank of England Museum

-Talks from David Smith; Editor of Sunday Times (Economics)

- Taster days at Financial Institutions including Barclays and Morgan Stanley.