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Most Able Provision Chobham Elite

Most Able Provision – Chobham Elite


Personal extended Study – Theme: Community                                                 


This year, as part of the Chobham Elite programme for our Most Able students, students in year 7 and 8 will produce a Personal extended Study (PXS) to be submitted by Friday, 26th February 2016. The PXS will be all your own work and, although it is centred on the theme of Community, a PXS project allows you to have total freedom to take your project in any direction you wish. The aim is to stimulate your creativity and to help you develop independent working skills.


What is a Personal extended Study (PXS)?

  • It’s a piece of work that is produced entirely by you.
  • It’s based on a particular theme – Community
  • Your PXS can focus on any aspect of Community – use the spider diagram over the page to help you with ideas.
  • The final form of the PXS is totally up to you. It can be a webpage, a written project, artwork, a computer generated model, a computer game, a PowerPoint, a collection of poetry, a video, anything …
  • It is all your own work completed by you at home whenever you do not have any homework.


Why do a PXS?

  • It will help you to develop independent study skills that will be very useful to you in the future.
  • It will help you draw together ideas from different subject areas and use them collectively.
  • It will be enjoyable.


More information can be found here.    (attached)


  • Chobham Elite Reading List – Year 7 to 11


This year, as part of the Chobham Elite programme for our Most Able students, students in year 7 to 11 will have access to our very own Chobham Elite Reading List which can be found here.  (attached)

The aims of the reading list is to provide our Most Able students with appropriate material to enhance and stretch their independent thinking skills, while at the same time promoting a lifelong love for reading.


  • Most Able Policy


Our Most Able policy is currently being updated.



Further information can be obtained from Mr Stander, Assistant Principal responsible for Most Able Provision here at the Academy.