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Year 10 Prefects connecting with their mentors at Macfarlanes Law Firm


A big welcome back to all our students and staff!


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Welldone to for winning this year’s Challenge 🎉 The judges had a tough decision to make, with outstanding submissions from and as well ⭐️


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Activ8 Kids relaunches on the 9th May at


Wishing all of our students and staff an enjoyable Easter holiday!


And to you too!


Please email Mr Wigington at, he is our Head of PE and I am sure he will be able to help. Many thanks


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We've built four new schools to educate local children and support our growing population


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Many thanks to for hosting a very entertaining game of football involving Booby Moore Academy & the year 7 football team. Well done to everybody who played 👏⚽️


Well done to the chobham Lendlease challenge group who won in the final on Wednesday, a fabulous design and presentation by all!


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Not a bad location for our Challenge finale today! Good luck to all of our participants ⭐️


On their final day Year 12 geographers are analysing the data they collected yesterday at the coast.


Thank you for addressing this, hopefully we can resolve it


Year 12 Geographers are looking at erosion on the North Norfolk coast and protection at Overstrand as part of their field course.


Year 12 Geographers have arrived in Cromer as part of the sixth form geography field trip


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Our ‘women in aviation’ programme finale about to take off at amazing yacht hotel! 💫 🚤 can’t wait to watch the girls’ presentations!


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Employees from have volunteered with Code Club at 's neighbours for the past 3 months and yesterday marked the last session of the programme. It's been hugely impressive to see the students taking on these new skills so effortlessly


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The final stop for the year 8 students is a visit to the brand new strength and conditioning suite to participate in some fitness testing.🏋️‍♂️

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Academy contacts


Principal: Michael Whitworth


Ms O Collins (PA to the Executive Principal)                

0203 747 6063


Vice Principal: Ms E Robinson

Vice Principal: Ms S Heuston                   

Vice Principal: Mr s Carrasco                  

0203 747 6064                                                         


Office Manager

Ms K Jessup       0203 747 6063


Head of House

Mr Welcome: Mandela House

Ms C O'Donnell: Himid House


Mr E Hines: Bannister House

Ms D Adegboyega: Franklin House 

Mr J Pope: Ramanujan House

Ms M Gillespie: Adichie House



Ms K Warmington-Shiell 0203 747 6104



Ms S Burlace    0203 747 6117


Primary Principal

Mrs F Perry         0203 747 6067


Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Principal

Ms P Haigh

Ms E Thomson      

 0203 747 6116


Sixthform Coordinator

Ms M Ahmed

Ms S Begum


SIC (Attendance Officer)

Ms J St Paul               0203 747 6071

Ms N Begum


Safegaurding Lead

Ms H Cartlidge

Student Welfare Officer

Ms R Osei-Tutu    0203 747 6124


Behaviour for Learning Officer

Mr T Stander 0203 747



0203 747 6051      


 Directors of Learning

Ms A Tweddle Director of Learning - English
Ms A Theaker Director of Learning - MFL
Ms A Stewart-Parker Director of Learning - Humanities
Mr B Wigington Director of Learning - PE
Mr J Avory Director of Learning - Performing Arts
Ms R Hardie Director of Learning - Creative Arts
Mr S Alles Director of Learning - Maths
Mr A Butcher Director of Learning - Science

Subject Leaders

Ms S Rees Subject Leader for Business and Economics
Ms J Kibela Subject Leader for Media
Mr N Hindocha Subject Leader for Computer Science


Head of Year 7

Ms A Dutch

7A1 Mr T Planas
7B2 Mr E Lam
7B3 Ms R Soni 
7F4 Ms A Karbauskataiticu
7F5 Mr R Tahir 
7H6 Ms C Powell and Ms S Enriquez

7M7 Mr S Samolis
7R8 Ms H Abu


Head of Year 8

Mr G Gergaud

8A1 Ms M Gillespie
8B2 Mr E Okunja and Ms K Chalkey
8F3 Mr A Parker
8H4 Ms S Odumosu
8M5 Ms T Georgeou
8M6 Ms A Jamshad
8R7 Ms R Bryan
8R8 Ms X Gao


Head of Year 9

Mr U Duzgun

9A1 Mr M Birt
9A2 Mr D Kloss
9B3 Ms A Theaker
9F4 Ms N Monaf
9H5 Mr R Munck
9H6 Ms R Hardie and Ms H Faruq Yusuf

9M7 Ms S Richards
9R8 Mr J Avory


Head of Year 10

Ms D Osman

10A1 Mr S Theau
10B2 Ms J Kibela
10F3 Ms A Khanom
10H4 Ms S Khaliq
10M5 Ms L Ellis
10M6 Ms A Stuart-Parker 
10R7 Mr J Pope
10R8 Mr R Winter and Mr Yusuf Mirza


Head of Year 11

Mr A Loveday

11A1 Mr S Alles
11A2 Mr H Palmer
11B3 Ms B Hagglund and Mr P Behal 

11F4 Mr A Butcher
11H5 Ms C O'Donnell C.O'
11H6 Ms A Tweddle
11M7 Mr D Bhachu
11R8 Ms K Civagnanam