Year 6 Open Evening will be taking place tonight from 4-7pm, please feel free to come along!


Hi Fazeela, are you able to let me know who it was that you spoke to please? Thanks


Retweetd From Chobham Primary

Concrete maths learning in Year 3


Retweetd From Co-relate

. students launch their infographic on 28/9. Thanks to all the creative sector employers who helped!


Retweetd From Education Week Jobs

SEN Administrator required at


Retweetd From Co-relate

Students are launching their Creative Digital Careers infographic on 28/9. Want to come?


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

Over 40 pupils at trampoline club tonight!


Retweetd From Harris Fed Languages

Great homework from Y11 student


Retweetd From Harris Fed TSA

Queuing for another workshop for NQTs . A great start to their for their induction year!


Retweetd From Harris Careers

SEN Administrator required .Apply now


Retweetd From Chobham Primary

First trip of the year


Retweetd From Harris Careers

is looking for a Mandarin Teaching Assistant. Apply


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

A fantastic line up for this Saturday - can't wait to see all our there!


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Weekly session starting back up next week at looking forward to it ⚽


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'Students were surprised to find out that what they see in the media isn't always real', said teacher Alex


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So I am talking at on 9th September - I'm incredibly excited and looking forward to presenting my philosophy!


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That's a wrap! Filming with using during the summer. Amazing camera skills too with


And that's a wrap! Filming for with the amazing film crew. Excellent work by some fantastic


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Brilliant results Enoch. You should be very proud

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