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Posted on March 17th 2017

Science Week - Floating Gardens Project at KS4

To celebrate British Science Week, Year 9 & 10 have been designing, planning, budgeting and pitching their own floating gardens. We were notified in our first lesson that flooding was becoming a huge problem especially in low-lying countries such as Bangladesh, but fortunately a new solution is arising such as a floating garden. A garden that resides on the water would not be affected by disasters such as flooding and would enable farmers to grow crops and feed their families. Anyway we were very eager and split up into groups and began our planning, which grew into the creation phase, which inevitably lead to all of us getting so involved into competition and competing against each other. By the end we had our budget planned, a pitch written and floating garden created that can be used to grow crops. Overall we had an incredibly fun time creating our gardens and learned allot about the benefits of using a floating garden and how the world is changing around us & what we could do to help those that are less fortunate.

Jack Drummond Joy 10Y1