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Posted on March 13th 2017

Swim Doctor

This term I had the opportunity to assist a swimming teacher in his lessons. The class, at Leytonstone Leisure Centre was called Swim Doctor aimed at adults who want to improve their swim stroke technique. As this session was before school I was given special permission to miss registration on Wednesday mornings but I still managed to get to my first lesson on time. 

Chun, the swim teacher is very enthusiastic about swimming and is especially keen to make sure the swimmers know about streamlining and body positioning. This is where I came in useful! It was my job to demonstrate in the pool various drills once he had explained them.  Being a swimmer at competition level it was an opportunity for me to hone in on my own swimming techniques as it is easy to pick up bad habits. On top of showing the group of adults, my mum being one of them, how to do backstroke streamline, side lying kick drills, hip and shoulder rotation drills and the challenging dolphin (Fly) kick as well as others; Chun gave me special drills of my own to do.

Not only has the Swim Doctor sessions been good fun, it has been an invaluable experience.  Chun imparted his technical knowledge with such enthusiasm and I found him both very inspirational and motivating.

Khaleeq Khan