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Raising the Bar

More Able Provision at Chobham

Students from the academy recently took part in the World Scholar's Cup. Students did exceptionally well and are through to the next stage of the competition. Some of the students who took have written about their experience below:


The World Scholars Cup was full of ‘pwaaing’ alpacas, debating kids and a chance to show your public speaking skills. It was a phenomenal event where we in teams of three had to take on extremely hard tasks that took us to our limits. People should definitely try this unique and interesting competition because it helped kids work collaboratively and made even the hardest work really fun. I believe we did amazing debating but I think the scholars bowl and challenge won it for us. Even though our team was probably the youngest in the junior round we came 3rd in the whole tournament against 14 year olds! Also even if we didn’t get through to the global we would still be happy because we got a free alpaca and it was an experience of a lifetime!!!

By The Mad Hatters! (Aryan Raj, Haroon Shaik and Thomas Drew)