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Lead Practitioner Person Specification

Person specification


SSAT Lead Practitioners (LPs) are outstanding individuals who lead practice within and beyond their own place of work. They will not only demonstrate expertise in their field but also lead others to improve their practice, resulting in positive impact on student learning.

They will be able to provide evidence of meeting criteria across ten standards that identify their knowledge and skills used in leading practice across three categories:


  • Personal skills and attributes
  • Professional knowledge
  • Process and Impact on others


Key qualities, skills and experience of an LP:


LPs will:

  • Be based in a school, academy, college or educational organisation
  • Have a track record of high quality work and credibility in their field
  • Have good communication and presentation skills at all levels
  • Have the potential to share practice and where appropriate, build a sustainable, sharing network
  • Be creative, inspiring and resilient
  • Have excellent personal organisation and self-motivation
  • Be competent in the use of ICT
  • Show sensitivity in collaborative work across partnerships and/or phases
  • Have a commitment to high status vocational and work-related learning
  • Possess an enthusiasm for challenge, development and innovation
  • Be able to plan, manage and/or lead events
  • Have a commitment to professional development both of themselves and others
  • Have a commitment to work with partner schools/academies and the wider community
  • Be collaborative, seeking appropriate partnerships including engaging employers



A lead practitioner is not a post; it is a professional development opportunity for a member of staff made available within the constraints of school/academy resources to those practitioners willing and able to meet the person specification and key qualities above.

In order to qualify for Chobham Academy’s professional development programme they must also be the following:

  • An effective member of staff with the ideas and energy to support others in improving their work to support learning.
  • Willing to and capable of undertaking SSAT Lead Practitioner accreditation.
  • A permanent member of staff
  • Have the support of the school for your accreditation and have permission from your principal to attend all training sessions

Gaining LP accreditation

  • You will attend and complete all the training provided by Chobham Academy to reach the standard for LP accreditation. The intended gateway for submission of your LP accreditation portfolio will be November 2017. Your own school/academy should cover associated fees and release you to allow face-to-face sessions to occur. Although you are able to apply as an individual if able to cover your own costs.
  • You will share the experience of gaining SSAT LP accreditation with interested colleagues at Chobham Academy and elsewhere.
  • You will commit to participate in the online forums and communities for SSAT Lead Practitioner network if successfully accredited
  • You will need to develop examples of ways that you have supported colleagues in their practice.
  • You will work with the Lead Practitioners at Chobham Academy to help achieve your accreditation.