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Lead Practitioner

Lead Practitioner Accreditation


We would like to introduce Chobham Academy in our new role as a SSAT Lead Practitioner Learning Centre, and share what promises to be an exciting opportunity for professional development for colleagues within your school.


Following a successful year in which several of our own colleagues have gained accreditation as Lead Practitioners, we have been invited by the SSAT to become a Lead Practitioner Learning Centre; a centre of excellence for the training and support of aspiring Lead Practitioners. 

On this page, you will find some information that provides further details on the Lead Practitioner accreditation. 

This nationally recognised accreditation from the SSAT encompasses and develops the work of those who not only demonstrate outstanding expertise in their field but also lead colleagues and those outside of their personal sphere to improve their practice; leading to positive impact on pupil learning.

The accreditation was developed by head teachers, in partnership with Warwick University and CUREE, who wanted to provide a way of promoting school improvement, attracting and retaining effective practitioners and valuing those who lead practice.

At Chobham Academy, in addition to the opportunity of applying for the accreditation through the SSAT, we are also offering additional support, from colleagues who have not only been trained by the SSAT, but who have also been successfully accredited as Lead Practitioners themselves. This is in addition to regular contact and coaching from members of the senior team and first access to further opportunities for development through our in-house CPD.

The cost of the accreditation, including the support and training is £485 per applicant.  This represents excellent value for money.

There are limited places available on the upcoming programme that aims to have Lead Practitioners accredited by November 2017.


The process of working towards Lead Practitioner Accreditation is just as important as the outcome.  You can achieve accredited status on your own, as an individual practitioner, but for maximum impact we recommend that a cohort of teachers from the same school or network apply for accreditation at the same time. You can also apply as a school sponsored applicant or as an individual.

Please download an electronic copy of the pro-forma to apply. This should be completed by the applicant and if school sponsorship is permitted, supported and signed by the Principal.  

This should then be forwarded to S.Heuston@chobhamacademy.org.uk or sent to Sarah Heuston, Vice Principal at Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Lane, Newham, E20 1BD


The application process has been kept very simple and straightforward and should not prove onerous for anyone interested in the programme. 


Note that Lead Practitioner accreditation is available to all full time staff at Primary and Secondary, who wish to drive leadership of learning and enable impact across school and beyond.  Part time staff who have a commitment to be involved will also be considered.

The deadline for applications is February 16th 5pm A panel will meet to look through the applications as quickly as possible thereafter, and applicants will then be contacted to arrange a follow up discussion.

Please forward all applications to


The Lead Practitioner programme promises to be an exciting opportunity for both individual colleagues and schools involved.  If you are interested and would like to find out further details, then please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Heuston at S.Heuston@chobhamacademy.org.uk or call on 0203 747 6060