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Retweetd From Chobham Academy

Year 8 students enjoying a tour of and finding out more about university life.


Year 8 students enjoying a tour of and finding out more about university life.


Retweetd From Chobham Primary

Year 5 go to the canal for a conservation project


Retweetd From Chobham Primary

Our superhero writers in Year 4


Retweetd From Maths Hub LDN Thames

400 - 247 ≡ 399 - 246, but which would you want to work out? Ask Y7 for their choice and their reasons .


Retweetd From Wadham College

Looking forward to welcoming & students to today's aspiration day. Have a great day here!


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept

is visiting again today inspiring the year 9 with a girls workshop to follow.Updates soon


Retweetd From ArcelorMittal Orbit

Treat your kids this ! 👨‍👧‍👦 Have fun in the mirrors, learn about the spectacular skyline &


Retweetd From DramaGuy

Looking forward to having visit again for the official screening on Thursday!


Retweetd From Chobham PE Dept


Retweetd From Maths Hub LDN Thames

Y7 stories, models, diagrams to show their understanding of multiplication: metacognition, CPA,


Retweetd From Yinka (:

Spent the afternoon learning CPR at for day ❤️ thank you for having me


Retweetd From BHF

Thank you for your support today!


Retweetd From Sara Askew

Great afternoon learning CPR pupils celebrating with thank you


Retweetd From Harris Careers

Looking for an in ? Check out the latest role :


Retweetd From Schools Week

Physics Teacher required at


Retweetd From Harris Careers

Looking for an in ? Check out the latest role :


Retweetd From WomenEd London

It's here! Thank you for joining and look forward to seeing you on 3rd March for London unconference. Save the date!


Retweetd From Anoara Mughal

A brilliantly organised by the wonderful ! Great way to celebrate !

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


Primary Staffing List 2017/18


 Mr M Whitworth – Academy Principal


Mrs F Perry (previously Fennell) – Head of Primary


Senior Leadership Team

Ms E Gardner – Vice Principal

Ms A Hodgson – Vice Principal

Mr B Sheppard – Assistant Principal

Miss F Woods – Assistant Principal



Mr D Siequien – Nursery A Class Teacher

Mrs A Sarnari – Nursery B Class Teacher

Mrs G Gaughan (previously Fisher) – Reception A Class Teacher

Ms F Shahzad – Reception B Class Teacher

Mr J Roberts – EYFS Phase Team Leader & Reception C Class Teacher

Ms K Derby – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


KS1 Team

Ms R Miles-Ashton - KS1 Phase Team Leader & 1A Class Teacher

Mrs A Ishtaq – 1B Class Teacher

Ms A Jones – 1C Class Teacher

Mr F Odotulu – 2A Class Teacher

Ms S Bendo – 2B Class Teacher

Ms F Woods – Assistant Principal & 2C Class Teacher

Ms R Begum – 2C Student Teacher

Ms M Kaur – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


LKS2 Team

Ms G Agoglossaki - 3A Class Teacher

Ms M Clarke – LKS2 Phase Team Leader & 3B Class Teacher

Mr N Hone – 3C Class Teacher

Mr B Sheppard – 4A Class Teacher

Mr B Singh – 4B Class Teacher

Ms Jahangir – 4C Class Teacher

Mr Marzouqa – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


UKS2 Team

Ms Barrett-Brown– 5A Class Teacher

Ms M Allen – 5B Class Teacher

Ms S Taylor – 5C Class Teacher

Mr D Brown – 6A Class Teacher

Ms B North – 6B Class Teacher

Ms A Patel – 6C Class Teacher

Ms K Jolicoeur – 5B Student Teacher

Ms S Gazra – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


SEN Inclusion Team

Mrs S Gibson – SENDCO

Mrs A Wasike-Ginn – SEN Teacher


Midday Team

Ms A Naher – Midday Meal Supervisor

Ms Z Ashur – Midday meal Supervisor


Office Team

Miss V Burcham – Office Manager & PA to Head of Primary Academy

Mrs M Vaghela – Administrative Assistant


Student Resource Information Centre

Ms R Osei-Tutu – Student Welfare Officer

Ms J St-Paul – Attendance Officer

Ms F Chowdhury – Admissions Officer