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Student Parliament

“Out of many, one voice”

My name is Christopher Wormsley and I am the current Prime Minister of Chobham Academy's very own Student Parliament.  Our Student Parliament's aim is to ensure students have the opportunity to voice their feelings, opinions and innovative ideas. We achieve this through the structure of the Parliament. Each class has a MP, who voices anything to the Parliament that the students wish them to discuss.  The structure of The Cabinet is divided into 5 departments; Charities, Teaching & Learning, Facilities & Environment, Diversity and House Competitions & Events.  The MP’s actively engage in ensuring student voice is being expressed and also help further develop the school environment. This ensures our school is democratic in the conduct of Student Parliament and all students can have their concerns voiced. If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please do not be afraid to contact any MP, even myself, using the enquiry box below and we will happily help you.

Our manifesto for the year is focused around the 5 areas:

  • Charities – run many school events to fundraise for the designated charities that the school pupils have chosen themselves.
  • Teaching and learning – pupils to input into planning of lessons to ensure learning is up to date and engaging.
  • Facilities and environment – pupils to raise concerns about facilities and enhance them for all pupils in the school
  • Diversity – every half term there will be a diversity focus and a display with assemblies to complement this focus.
  • House competitions and events – MP’s will decide what competitions to run each half term.  House points will be added to house scores for the house cup at the end of each term.


Christopher Wormsley

Primary parliament

Chobham primary school also have a student parliament.  They have 2 elected MP’s from each class and focus on a specific area each half term; elections, charities, equality and diversity, facilities teaching and learning and house competitions.

The secondary student parliament work closely with the primary parliament in order to guide and help pupils through their MP responsibilities.

CristopherWormsleigh MouMaahi
Christopher Wormsley Mou Maahi

Antony Joshua - Diversity & Equality

House Captains
Jack-Drumond-Joy Latasha-Johnson-Brisset
Jack Drummond-Joy Latasha Johnson-Brissett
Mohammed-Rahman Pricilla-Foaley Monalisa-Teixeira Anjalee-Suthakaran
Mohammed Rahman Priscilla Foley Monalisa Teixeira Anjalee Suthakaran
Zafran-Ahmed Amal-Abdullahi Saiful-Islam
Zafran Ahmed Amal Abdullahi Saiful Islam

Beth Tweddle - Events & Competitions

House Captains
Jaydee-Hervey Kai-Bailey
Jaydee Hervey Kai Bailey
Idris-Sheikh Kailan-Hanson Kamran-Iqbal Fares-Abdou
Idris Shaikh Kailan Hanson Kamran Iqbal Fares Abdou
Christopher-Osinowo Zainah-Ogoubadyo
Christopher Osinowo Zainah Ogoubadyo

Christine Ohuruogu - Charities

House Captains
Anjali Pillai Philipos Sebouth
Anjali Pillai Philipos Sebouth
Sanjeeda-Begum TanishaVakharia Migle-Karuzaite Brook-Miller
Sanjeeda Begum TanishaVakharia Migle Karuzaite Brook Miller
ConnorIfrim Jordan-Green-Watson
Connor Ifrim Jordan Green-Watson

Ed Clancy - Facilities

House Captains
Ronaldo Tekasingh Jasmine-Okoye
Ronaldo Tekasingh Jasmine Okoye
Ammaarah-Nazeer Moussa-Samba Anoushka-Dickens Tariq-Sharif
Ammaarah Nazeer Moussa Samba Anoushka Dickens Tariq Sharif
Prosper-Osawe Qamar-Ismail
Prosper Osawe Qamar Ismail

Jonnie Peacock - Charities

House Captains
Zakira Webb-Martin Aleandro-Pires
Zakira Webb Martin Aleandro Pires
Sarah-Boussaid Joshua-Mabatah Hannaan-Hassan Herui-Zeweldi
Sarah Boussaid Joshua Mabatah Hannaan Hassaan Herui Zeweldi
Mahnoor-Channan Mahbuzul-Hoque Taslima-Begum
Mahnoor Channan Mahbuzul Hoque Taslima-Begum