Year 6 Open Evening will be taking place tonight from 4-7pm, please feel free to come along!


Hi Fazeela, are you able to let me know who it was that you spoke to please? Thanks


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Concrete maths learning in Year 3


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. students launch their infographic on 28/9. Thanks to all the creative sector employers who helped!


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SEN Administrator required at


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Students are launching their Creative Digital Careers infographic on 28/9. Want to come?


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Over 40 pupils at trampoline club tonight!


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Great homework from Y11 student


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Queuing for another workshop for NQTs . A great start to their for their induction year!


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SEN Administrator required .Apply now


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First trip of the year


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is looking for a Mandarin Teaching Assistant. Apply


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A fantastic line up for this Saturday - can't wait to see all our there!


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Weekly session starting back up next week at looking forward to it ⚽


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'Students were surprised to find out that what they see in the media isn't always real', said teacher Alex


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So I am talking at on 9th September - I'm incredibly excited and looking forward to presenting my philosophy!


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That's a wrap! Filming with using during the summer. Amazing camera skills too with


And that's a wrap! Filming for with the amazing film crew. Excellent work by some fantastic


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Brilliant results Enoch. You should be very proud

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

FOI, Privacy Notice, Complaints & Charging Policy


Chobham Academy provides a free education for boys and girls of all abilities. However, the Governors of the Academy reserve the right to charge in the following circumstances:

  • Where a parent wishes a child to learn a musical instrument.

  • When a request is made for accreditation in a subject that is not a normal part of the student’s Academy programme; when a request is made for a different form of accreditation to that advised by the Academy; when a student is entered for an examination but fails to sit it, unless the reason is acceptable to the Principal and Chairman of Governors;

  • Where a trip is proposed which is not a compulsory part of the curriculum, parents will be invited to make a contribution to cover the costs involved. This will be on the understanding that if there is insufficient support the proposed trip will not take place.

  • Cost of ingredients or materials for practical subjects, where parents have indicated in advance, a wish to own the finished product.


If you are unhappy or have concerns about the academy or a person associated with the academy then you may wish to make a complaint, in the first instance complaints should be addressed to the Principal, Michael Whitworth at the Academy

Please contact her PA


Ms O Collins
Telephone: 0203 747 6063


If your complaint is about the Principal then contact the chair of Governors via the clerk to Governors


Telephone: 0203 747 6060


Privacy Notice

PRIVACY NOTICE for the school workforce employed or otherwise engaged to work at a Harris Federation school

Privacy Notice - Data Protection Act 1998

The Harris Federation are the Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act.

Personal data is held by the schools about those employed or otherwise engaged to work at the schools.  This is to assist in the smooth running of the schools and/or enable individuals to be paid.  This personal data includes some or all of the following:  identifiers such as name and National Insurance Number; characteristics such as ethnic group; employment contract and remuneration details; post “A” level qualifications; and absence information.

The collection of this information will benefit both national and local users by:

•    improving the management of school workforce data across the sector;
•    enabling a comprehensive picture of the workforce and how it is deployed to be built up;
•    informing the development of recruitment and retention policies;
•    allowing better financial modeling and planning;
•    enabling ethnicity and disability monitoring;
•    supporting the work of the School Teacher Review Board and the School Support Staff Negotiating Body.

We are required to pass on some of this data to the Department for Education (DfE)

If you require more information about how the DfE store and use this data please go to the following website:
•    If you are unable to access this website, please contact the Harris Federation or the DfE as follows:

Harris Federation of South London Schools
4th Floor, Norfolk House
Wellesley Road
Tel: 0208 253 7777

Public Communications Unit
Department for Education
Sanctuary Buildings
Great Smith Street
Telephone: 0370 000 2288

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school, Harris Federation or the DfE without your consent unless the law and our rules allow us to.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives the public right of access to information produced in the course of the Federation’s work. 

There are exemptions to this right. In particular, data about living, identifiable people ('personal data') continues to be covered by the Data Protection Act and is not generally publicly available except to the "subject" of the data - that is, the person whom the data is about.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Harris Federation of South London Schools has developed a Publication Scheme which lists all the documents which the Federation will make public as a matter of routine.

If the information you are looking for is not available on our Publication Scheme which can be found further down the page, you can make a request for the information you require in writing, please make sure you read our charging policy for information about cost you may be liable for.

Yours sincerely

Sir Dan Moynihan
Chief Executive Officer

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